The new innovation in gummies.

Real fruit.

Real healthy.

Coming real soon.

The new innovation in gummies.

Made from whole organic fruit,
it’s a whole different gummy.

You know from first bite, the taste and texture of real fruit because they’re made from real fruit. These are gummies without any of the cane sugar, gelatin, gluten, high fructose syrup, tapioca starch, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, and preservatives found in other brands. They’re just pure, natural goodness with powerful nutrients to support better health.

Green Arrow Organic fruit blend (apple, peach, strawberry, mango, citrus concentrated juice, puree, pectin, and fiber)

Green Arrow Organic natural flavors and colors

Green Arrow Vitamins, minerals, and other healthy

18 Formulas Coming in Spring 2021

It’s well(ness)
worth the wait.

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