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New! Fruily nutritional gummies are made from real organic fruit, without refined sugars.

Only the good stuff

Fruily uses organic fruit juices and purees to make delicious products without the junk. No gummies dusted with processed sugars or pumped with high fructose corn syrup. No juice packed with preservatives and synthetic colors. Just delicious fruit with simple, high quality ingredients you know and understand.

image Made With Real Fruits
image Organic
image NON -GMO
image Vegan

The talk around town

SO. RELIEVED. to give my kid a multivitamin gummy with none of the crap. He loves them because they taste great and I love them because they’re good for him.

Liz W.

I really appreciate what Fruily has done with these gummies. I hate taking pills, but I also hated all the artificial syrups and other ingredients. These are great!

Samantha S.

A healthy gummy that tastes great! I didn’t know I needed these until my wife brought them home. Started with the multivitamin and now I have the elderberry too. NEED MORE.

Devin N.

I’m sold on Fruily gummies! It’s a multivitamin but it reminds me of the fruit leather I used to eat as a kid.

Megan B.

I just switched from another brand to Fruily's biotin hair gummies. They really do work! My hair looks better than ever. Nails, too!

Jess P.

Our mission:
Real organic fruit.

Taste and feel the difference of real organic fruit. From gummies to shots, our products taste like fruit, because they are fruit.